Inside the Studio

All the glass beads in this shop are handmade by me in my Lake Park, FL studio using a technique called lampworking.
This technique began on the island of Murano in Italy where artisans melted glass over oil lamps, with a bellows to make the flame hotter. Now, we have torches and many choices of glass and tools with which to work.
I use both soft and hard glass (separately, of course), and add furnace glass, 99.9% silver foil, goldstone or silver-rich glasses to create various patterns, effects and designs.
First I melt the glass, then I shape it with gravity, tools or a hand press. Because each bead is individually made, no two will be exactly the same. I do strive for consistency in my work, but because each bead is a result of chemical reactions, flame atmosphere and variations in the glass itself no two beads will be exactly the same.
When I'm done working in the flame, each bead goes directly into a hot digital kiln to anneal, making every bead a treasure for generations.