Welcome to my shop!

I have been a self-representing artist working in glass since 2009. (SRA #A-55) I love to layer and mix colors to produce beads with depth and clarity. I love color, abstract art and all things tiny. The first time I melted glass was like an awakening. Twirling molten glass around little steel rods gives me a sense of peace, much like meditation.

Once each bead is crafted (which can take an hour or more), it goes into my digital kiln to cool slowly to make the final bead as stable as it can be at the molecular level. (Beads that aren't annealed have the annoying tendency to spontaneously break apart.) Once the beads have cooled, I carefully inspect each one and clean the bead release out of each hole with a diamond chip bit.

Most of my art glass beads are made in a series. Currently I'm creating ocean themed beads with shells and turtles. If you see something you like I do suggest that you buy it. While I can always make beads similar to one that has sold, because of the nature of this type of art no two beads will be exactly the same.

Please also know: all my beads are finished with with sterling silver or gold-filled components (chains, clasps, ear wires) unless stated in the item description.

Thank you for visiting.