Handmade Glass Ocean Bead with Pearls

$60 USD
18" | glass, sterling silver | Necklace
Give the feel of the ocean to yourself or a loved one with this one of a kind flame worked ocean bead.

This pale blue bead has fine silver "surf" and ivory colored sand. Nine pearls and seven crystals dangle from a sterling chain, making this a necklace to wear both dressed up or down.

Bead measures 1.25 inches across and 1/3 of an inch thick.
All metal is sterling silver.
18 inch sterling silver chain is included.

Each of my beads is one of a kind. I make them in series, but I can't make another one just the same. The necklace you see pictured here is the one you will receive.

To prevent tarnishing, please wipe the chain and bail with a soft cloth after wearing and store your necklace in the plastic bag provided.

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